Send To Log

Send WordPress user actions to server logfiles.

This plugin can listen for user actions and when they occur it will send them to a logfile on the server disk. These event log records can later provide an audit trail which can be used to diagnose system activity and problems. Any activities sent to logfiles on the server disk can be stored even if you delete the related activities inside the WordPress dashboard or surpass the activity limit you set to store in the database.

Backup user action records to your server

You can create many Send To Log Drops which can log selected activities or all activities. You also have the ability to send the logged activities to one or multiple logfiles.

  • Failed logins
  • Password resets
  • New, updated, trashed, or deleted posts
  • Registered or deleted users
  • Activated/deactivated plugins and themes
  • Plugins, themes, WordPress updates
  • All of Activity Monitor’s premium pack plugin hooks
  • And much more….