Send To Htaccess

Send IP addresses to htaccess to allow/deny access based on selected WordPress user actions

Send to Htaccess listens for specific WordPress user actions and when they occur it can send a new security rule to the htaccess file to allow/deny access for an IP address. These rules can be automatically removed after a set time period. Send to Htaccess is compatible with single or multisite WordPress installations and comes with a simple wizard that can automatically configure some common htaccess settings with the click of a button.

Easily create send to htaccess rules for specific user actions

  • Failed logins
  • Password resets
  • Failed login/comment honeypots
  • Posting to often
  • All of Activity Monitor’s premium pack plugin hooks
  • And much more….

Send to Htaccess is one of the blocking plugins.

This plugin requires the use of Apache or Litespeed as the server software. Contact your web host if you are unsure.