Send To E-mail

Send real-time notifications via e-mail when important changes happen on your WordPress website.

The plugin allows you to easily receive instant notifications for selected WordPress actions. Send To E-mail allows for granular control over which type of activities to automatically generate notifications for, and to whom they should be sent. Simply set the rules and Activity Monitor will watch your website 24/7.

Easily create all kinds of different e-mail notifications

Create as many e-mail notifications as you like, which can send selected actions to as few or as many e-mail addresses as you like such as:

  • Failed logins
  • Password resets
  • New, updated, trashed, or deleted posts
  • Registered or deleted users
  • Activated/deactivated plugins and themes
  • Plugins, themes, WordPress updates
  • All of Activity Monitor’s premium pack plugin hooks
  • And much more….