Send To CloudFlare

Report visitor IP addresses to CloudFlare to ban for certain WordPress user behavior.

CloudFlare's CDN helps make WordPress load faster and adds a security layer to protect against spammers and hackers. Send To CloudFlare enables you to take action against selected WordPress user actions by reporting them to CloudFlare. This plugin harnesses the power of CloudFlare's DNS level security and gives you granular control over which user actions to report. Simply select the activities to monitor and enter your CloudFlare e-mail and token with the chosen action then Activity Monitor will watch your website 24/7.

The advantage of using CloudFlare as a blocking plugin is that the attackers are stopped even before they reach your webserver.

Monitor and stop attacks in real-time

You can create many Send To CloudFlare settings as you want which can send IP addresses to CloudFlare when selected activities occur.

  • Failed logins
  • Password resets
  • Failed login/comment honeypots
  • Posting to often
  • All of Activity Monitor’s premium pack plugin hooks
  • And much more….

It is suggested to monitor a hook group instead of individual hooks.