PDF Reports

Customize, schedule, and email PDF reports containing activities from your WordPress website.

This powerful plugin allows WordPress admins to create PDF activity reports containing data on: users, content, functionality, appearance, security, and updates. Control what types of reports are generated, when they are generated, and to whom they are sent via email all through an easy-to-use interface. By activating any of Activity Monitor's integration plugins you can instantly add activities to the PDF reports from popular plugins such as: bbPress, Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and Ninja Forms.

User Insights to Make More Informed Decisions

PDF activity reports can give you insights into your users, customers, and visitor's behavior on a regular basis and enable you to make more informed decisions. Get the data you need not only to keep your website running smoothly but also to make it run better.

Impress Your Clients With E-mail Activity Reports

Impress your clients by showing them their website is being monitored and protected. Track a range of different activities and then schedule beautiful PDF reports to be sent directly to your clients with the options of:

  • E-mail recipients, contents, and schedule
  • A custom cover page PDF
  • Auto-generated activity summary page
  • Full table of monitored activities
  • Combining with or attaching other reports and PDFs

Example PDF

wordpress pdf report

This example PDF, taken from a live site, demonstrates several features of the plugin:

  • combining of two or more reports into one PDF
  • a hook count report
  • an activity table report
  • different cover pages for each report, including for the combined report

The report has only a few spam-related activities selected, although you are free to filter out any activities from the database you want.

Since you can combine several reports you can have many different types of reports with different activities into one PDF. Or, if sending the report via e-mail, have the reports sent separately.

Custom report types

Your web developer can assist in creating custom report types / pages. See the documentation link for details.