IP Too Often

Monitor WordPress user actions and detect when an IP address causes activities to occur too often.

Being able to track and take actions against IP addresses who perform specific actions on your WordPress website can provide you with granular security capabilities. You can just receive a simple notification for a post being published too often while immediately banning an IP for exceeding your limit of failed login attempts.

Create IP watches with the click of a button

You can then use Activity Monitor's Send To plugins to be instantly notified or to take automated actions such as blocking the visitor. You are able to easily create different settings inside of your WordPress dashboard and monitor as many or as few actions as you like. IP Too Often comes with a simple wizard that can automatically configure some common IP watches with the click of a button.

Use IP Too Often to detect and react to actions such as:

  • failed login attempts
  • password resets
  • comments posted
  • and much more...