Disable Google Fonts

Stop the WordPress admin from loading unwanted Google Fonts scripts.

This lightweight plugin stops the WordPress admin dashboard from enqueuing Open Sans Google font scripts by default from fonts.googleapis.com. When Google Fonts are disabled the browser will fallback to a font that already exists in the user’s computer. Some common reasons to want to block Google Fonts include: privacy concerns, performance issues, unsupported characters, local development, or to block connecting to Google's servers. Activity Monitor’s Disable Google Fonts has no settings, simply just activate it.

Increase Your Websites Privacy

Google Fonts are loaded from a third-party server, the owners of the server can see who is visiting, what the user is visiting, and when the user has visited. Disabling these external calls adds extra layer of privacy to your website by stopping the leak of information about your WordPress install to Google.

Faster Page Loads

Google Fonts can slow down your WordPress admin because each time WordPress needs to load a page it has to connect to the fonts.googleapis.com servers and load the font. This adds an extra call to your page load and can slow things down depending on how fast or slow Google’s servers take to respond. In some countries where Google is blocked this can really cause problems.