Block IP

Temporarily block IP addresses that trigger specific WordPress user actions.

Block IP is one of Activity Monitor's blocking plugins. This plugin is able to temporarily block certain IP addresses who perform specific WordPress user actions in real-time. IP addresses who have been blocked will be shown a banned message upon attempting to view your website. In the admin interface, as seen in the pictures below, you can easily choose the user actions to block and time period of the block. You can also create many IP block rules, view the status log of banned IPs, and remove IP addresses from the list at any time.

Easily create send to IP ban rules for user actions

  • Failed logins
  • Password resets
  • Failed login/comment honeypots
  • Posting to often
  • All of Activity Monitor’s premium pack plugin hooks
  • And much more….

Note: since Wordpress needs to be loaded in order for the block list to be checked. Ideally, the IP should be blocked before it reaches the site, as would be the case with Send To CloudFlare. It is suggested that this plugin be used in conjunction with the CloudFlare plugin, since CloudFlare needs a minute or two to effect the ban. After the CloudFlare plugin sends the ban command to CloudFlare, Block IP can then prevent any more activity from the IP, preventing the log from filling up with unnecessary activity.