After purchasing the pack you will receive a license key via e-mail, together with the pack.

If you wish to have the pack update like a normal WordPress plugin, you will want to input the license key into the pack’s license tab.

Entering your license key

How activations work

If you have purchased the pack with unlimited activations, you can skip this heading.

Each time you activate the pack on a site it counts against your maximum activation limit. Activating on a blog in a network only counts once per network.

You can deactivate a site by either pressing the deactivate button in the license tab, or logging in to the site. See the account link at the top of the page.

The pack will only update if the license is valid and activated on the site.


As the license ends its year of validity, you will automatically receive a reminder via e-mail to renew your license.

The e-mail contains a link you can follow that automatically prepares the cart with the correct product and license key to be renewed.

Validity and expiration

Licenses are valid for one year after purchase.

After the license expires the pack will continue to function, but the pack will no longer update.

As long as the pack and the base plugin are kept at the same version, the activity monitor will continue to function like normal.